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    • 70Hp 2WD Wheeled Tractor

      70Hp 2WD Wheeled Tractor

      YTO-X700 PRODUCTS FEATURES: ◎70hp, two-wheel drive. ◎YTO LR4B3-23 diesel engine, UK Racado technology applied, large torque reverse, low carbon & environment-friendly, low fuel specific consumption. ◎Dual clutch of independent control, normal drive of farm implements when shifting with...

    • 70Hp 4WD Wheeled Tractor

      70Hp 4WD Wheeled Tractor

      YTO-X704 PRODUCTS FEATURES: ◎70hp, four-wheel drive. ◎YTO LR4B3-23 diesel engine ,4-cylinder, low fuel specific consumption. ◎European technology applied to transmission,12F+4R(optional 12F+12R or 24F+8R),optional synchronizer gear shifting. FAQ Q:What's YTO’s history? A:YTO Group founded in...

    • 75Hp 2WD Wheeled Tractor

      75Hp 2WD Wheeled Tractor

      YTO-X750 ◎75hp, two-wheel drive. ◎YTO LR4B5-23 diesel engine. ◎Hydraulic steering system, adjustable steering wheel. FAQ Q:How many countries which YTO have exported? A:YTO have exported to 100+ oversea countries. Q: What’s the advantages of YTO? A: With over fifty years of production...