What Should Be Paid Attention To Using A Tractor In The High Temperature Season

- May 21, 2018-

The tractor looks stupid, but it plays a very important role in agriculture, so we should pay more attention to his maintenance and maintenance. So what should we pay attention to when we use high temperature in summer? Xingtai tractor factory collate the following points for everyone: 

1 pay attention to the maintenance of batteries: high temperature, the battery will generate a lot of water vapor, plug the vent. The internal pressure of the battery is too high to blow up. To this end, high temperature season, we should regularly dredge the courage stomata. High temperature will also cause evaporation of battery water, lead to lack of water, accelerate the vulcanization of plates and damage. For this reason, every 7-10 days, the machine hand should check the battery once. If the water level is found to be reduced due to lack of water, the distilled water should be added in time. 

2 adjust the belt tightness in time: after the belt is subjected to high temperature, it will make the tension loose and slippery, resulting in engine overheating and belt damage. To this end, in the hot season, check and adjust the belt tension in time to prevent belt slipping. 

3 tire reasonable inflation: high temperature season, high temperature, low night temperature, large temperature difference, late marriage cause tire burst.  Therefore, when inflating the tire in the morning, it should be 5%-7% lower than that in winter. When inflating the tire at noon, it should be lower than 2%-4% in winter. 4 adjust the oil steering switch in time: when the high temperature season arrives, biological technology should turn the oil steering switch from "winter" to "summer", let the oil in the filter enter the main oil channel after cooling the oil through the oil radiator, prevent the high temperature of the oil, burn the tile or the cylinder and make the water tank water short, cause the engine to overheat and improper treatment. 

The cylinder cover and the cylinder sleeve will be cracked. The correct solution is to stop the engine and add clean water to the water tank when the water temperature drops to 60-70 degrees. In order to prevent the engine from overheating, the load of the tractor is controlled at about 90% of the rated load in the high temperature season. We must pay attention to the maintenance of tractors to extend their service life. Finally, Xingtai Tong De tractor factory wishes everyone's work to go smoothly and get rich harvest every year.