Technical Maintenance And Storage Of Tractors After Discontinuation

- May 21, 2018-

Long term parking should be fully lubricated and maintained. During the maintenance period, a moving car or a short time start should be adopted to keep the moving parts regularly maintained. In winter, special attention should be paid to the heat preservation and antifreeze. The cooling water in engine block and radiator is best to use high quality antifreeze to reduce corrosion to cylinder body and radiator.

The dust and moisture in the air during the parking are easily intruded into the interior of the machine to cause the related parts to be contaminated and corroded in the sunlight, which is very easy to deteriorate because of the strong effect of ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, the tractor should be kept in storage and closed into the exhaust port after maintenance. For a single cylinder diesel engine, the piston should be positioned at the TDC, and the intake and exhaust valves will be used to seal the cylinder. In addition, the important parts can be protected or removed for special storage.

During the period of parking, tractor tyres will cause damage to the carcass due to excessive deflection of the carcass for a long time.  Therefore, the tire inflation pressure should be appropriately raised, and the tire landing area should be changed regularly. The tractor frame should be separated from the ground to avoid tire loading.

The battery should be removed from the vehicle before being specially stored and stored, and the battery will be charged to the full charge state by adjusting the specific gravity and the height of the electrolyte according to the regulation. In the storage period every 10 days check the storage electricity situation in time to replenish the charging and discharge each month to make full charge and discharge processing to keep the battery kept in full charge condition, keep the storage battery clean and dry in the dry winter.