Precautions For The Use Of Tractors

- May 21, 2018-

After starting the car, if the water temperature is between 20 ~ three and 0 C, it can not be put into operation at once. Keep warm and warm up to 60 C. When the water temperature exceeds 95 degrees, it is necessary to stop and cool the water, open the lid of the water tank, stand in the upper air position, avoid the mouth of the water tank and avoid the scald. When the water tank is boiling, it will not be able to immediately extinguish the fire without water. It can not immediately add cold water. If the temperature drops to 70 degrees C, it will go out again. If the temperature is high, the crankshaft will be blocked for a few minutes to prevent the flameout. Then fill the water tank with soft water.

1. Select the diachronic fuel. When the temperature is 20~25 and 0, diesel oil will be operated at three and 0 degrees above 20, diesel oil or diesel can be operated. (2) lube oil. Use No. 1 or No. 4 oil. 3. If the tractor has an oil steering switch, turn the oil turn switch from "winter" to "summer" to avoid overheating.

First, do a good job of loving care

Three. Driving through villages and towns in the middle of the summer, we should accelerate the inspection in advance and undertake the preparation of brakes, so as to prevent accidents.

2. To operate fuel and lubricating oil accurately

2. the driver noticed the event. First, pay attention to rest, do not work hard or drive hard. Don't drive with dark tea glasses or black sunglasses. It is not suitable for the driving car to wear soft slippers. 4. Eat less spicy and light food before driving. Take care of the kettle and the heatstroke medicine.

5. the gear oil should be released from the gearbox and the rear axle housing, and the box is cleaned and replaced with three 0 gear oil, such as the old gear oil anastomosis label to be accumulated after filtering, and the two kinds of labeling oil can not be mixed.

4. the inflation pressure of the summer tire should be lower than the standard pressure of 2% to 3%, so as to avoid being bursting in low temperature exposure.

1. When the tractor is running over the ditch, avoid the oil intake at the bottom. In the low-lying muddy road, we must first select the place according to the rut low gear, do not stop, do not shift. In the event of backsliding, the target of the driving should be accurately adjusted, and the target disk should be brakes and disorderly.

One. Summer's personality is hot, rainy, tractors in the low temperature exposure, rain, muddy road slippery situation in the case of very miscellaneous obstacles and matters, that is. How to cherish and operate tractors in summer?

7. to cherish the storage battery. (1) during the cold winter, the distilled water should be checked regularly. Second, clean the dust and dirt on the battery and the oxide on the pole. Do not put metal on storage battery, do not use open fire to check battery. 4. The bottom and upper part of the battery should be covered with rubber or felt pad, and be set up firmly, so as to avoid vibration, bicker jumping or loose clamp.

Three. Improper adjustment of the tension of the fan belt. Press the middle part of the belt with your fingers. The size of the belt should be measured at 0- 5mm.

6. summer tractors do not remain open for long time, in order to prevent the bursting of the tire, the deterioration of the rubber parts and the aging of the locomotive paint; avoid the damp, avoid the rust prevention of the spare parts, and avoid the protection of the exhaust pipe and the air filter in the rainy days.

Three. Pay attention to safe driving

1. In summer, it is necessary to thoroughly check the cooling finely and thoroughly to remove, obstruct, repair or replace the parts that are urgently damaged. Waste water and dirt can ensure smooth circulation, clean water, abundant internal water and delicate heat dissipation. Avoid water leakage.

4., it rains much in summer. When driving on rainy days, we should slow down. We should pay attention to pedestrians' movement and escape.  Heavy rain must limit speed of 5 kilometers, such as wiper damage should stop.

2. do not overload the tractor for a long time and avoid overheating and aggravating parts wear and damage.

2. carbon deposition in waste incineration chamber will increase the temperature of the proposed machine and increase the wear of machine parts.

4. summer oil supply advance angle do not adjust too small. Too small will cause the post combustion period to be compressed, and the proposed machine will overheat.

5. on rainy days, the road surface is slippery, and the coefficient of bickering is small, so it is not important to stop the brake.