Maintenance Of Bulldozer

- May 21, 2018-

Pre - start inspection and maintenance:

High pressure pipe joints, oil cylinders, floating oil seals, radiator pieces, water pipe joints and other leaks, if necessary, should be promptly removed.

If the bolts of air filter, muffler, support wheel bracket, crawler, working device are loose, if found, they should be tightened.

Whether the electrical system has broken line, short line and whether the wiring post is loose, should be eliminated in time.

Inspection of oil base oil of engine oil pan:

When the engine is down, take out the dipstick and check that the liquid level should be between the "H" and "L" scales.

When the engine is idle, the engine oil pressure meter should first be determined, whether the water thermometer is in the normal range, and then take out the oil scale to see the level between the oil scale and the lower scale. If you need to add oil, open the injection port and add it. When checking the oil level, the vehicle should be parked on the level ground.  When adding oil, the oil level should not be higher than the "H" mark.

Oil quantity check of rear axle box

The first 250 hours of inspection and maintenance:

Replace the fuel filter.

Change the oil coarse and fine filter.

Replacement of oil for gearbox and rear axle box (replacement of oil quantity according to schedule).

The replacement of oil in the working tank.

Replace the filter cartridge of the working oil tank filter.

Replace the final drive box oil.

Clean the variable speed steering filter.

Fasten the injector to install the screw.

Check and adjust the clearance of engine valve.

Every 500 hours of inspection and maintenance:

Replacement of preservative storage

Close two valves on the top of the preservative storage.

Screw down the filter cartridge to the left.

Apply the engine oil on the sealing surface and replace the new components.

When installing, tighten the 1/2 to 3/4 circle after contacting the sealing face and the cover. (don't tighten it too tight)

Open the valve after the replacement.