How Are The Tractors Classified

- May 21, 2018-

First, the classification of tractor

Tractors can generally be classified in one of the following ways.

(a) Classification by purpose

1. Industrial tractor

It is mainly used in road construction, mining, water conservancy, petroleum and construction and other projects. It can also be used for basic construction of farmland.

2. Forestry tractor

It is mainly used for forestry material collection, that is, the harvested timber is collected and transported to forest farms. Special equipment can also be used for tree planting, afforestation and logging operations, such as the J-80 and J-50A tractors. It is generally equipped with a winch, a loading plate, and an obstacle removal device.

3, agricultural tractor

Agricultural tractors are mainly used for agricultural production. According to their different uses, they can be divided into:

(1) Ordinary tractor

It is characterized by a wide range of applications, mainly used in general conditions of farmland mobile operations, fixed operations and transport operations, such as Harvest -180, Taishan -25, Tigris - 650 and other models of tractors.

(2) Tillage tractor

Mainly suitable for cultivator operations, but also for other operations, such as the Changchun -400 type is a universal cultivator tractor. It is characterized by a large tractor clearance (usually above 630 mm) and a narrow tire.

(3) Garden tractors are mainly suitable for orchards, vegetable fields, tea forests and other places. It is characterized by small size, flexibility, and low power, such as walking tractors and small four tractors.

(4) Special Type Tractor

It is suitable for tractors operating in special working environments or adapted to a particular need. Such as boat-shaped tractors (Hubei-type 12 cultivators, ship rovers), mountain tractors, paddy field tractors and so on.

(B) Classified by walking device

1 Track (also called chain) type tractor

The tracked tractor's walking device is a caterpillar track. It is mainly used for the basic construction work of farmland water conservancy, earthworks, and earthworks, etc. At present, China produces tractors that are fully tracked, such as Dongfanghong-75, Dongfanghong-802, Dongfanghong-70T, and Dongfanghong-1002/1202.

2. Wheeled tractor

The wheel tractor's walking device is a wheel. According to the number of wheels or axles it can be divided into walk-behind and wheeled tractors:

(1) walking tractor

It has only one travel axle. If there is only one wheel on the axle, it is called a unicycle tractor, and there are two wheels called a two-wheel tractor. Since they only have one axle, the operators are mostly on foot during the farmland operation, and use their hand to steer the tractor. Therefore, it is customary in China to use single-axle unicycles and two-wheel tractors as hand-held tractors, such as workers and peasants. (Worker-peasant-12K), Dongfeng-12 type walking tractor. The walking tractor is actually one of the wheeled tractors.

Hand-held tractors can also be divided into different methods based on driving farm implements:

(1) Traction type walking tractor It can only be used for traction operations, such as tractor ploughs, pickaxe for farmland operations, and tractor trailer transportation.

(2) Drive-type walking tractor It is integrated with a rotary cultivator and can only be used for rotary tillage and cannot be used for traction work.

(3) Dual-use walking tractor It combines the operating performance of the above two models. Due to its wide range of use, the current production of walking tractors are mostly of this type.

(2) Wheel Tractor

Its travel axle has two. If there are three wheels on the axle, it is called a three-wheel tractor; if the four wheels are called four-wheel tractors. We usually refer to wheeled tractors as two-axis three-wheeled and four-wheeled tractors. China's current production and application of the most widely used four-wheel tractors. According to different driving patterns, four-wheel tractors are also divided into:

1) Two-wheel drive wheel tractor

Usually two-wheel drive and first two-wheel steering. The code of the drive type is represented by 4 by 2 (4 and 2 respectively represent the total number of wheels and the number of drive wheels). In agriculture, it is mainly used for general field operations, irrigation and drainage, agricultural and sideline product processing, and transportation.

2) Four Wheel Drive Wheel Tractor

Both front and rear wheels are driven by the engine. Drive type code is 4 times 4. In agriculture, it is mainly used for operations such as soil viscous weight, loud deep turning, and muddy road transportation. Used for skidding and short distance transport in forestry.

3) Ship-shaped tractor This is a kind of tractor for paddy fields created in our country. It is characterized by supporting the weight of the whole machine with a hull, suitable for operation in the fields of Hutian and Shenmutou.

4) The tiller is a simple small-scale agricultural power machine that has been newly developed in China in recent years and has a simple structure, adopts single-wheel or two-wheel drive, and is suitable for small-scale land hydroponic and dry farming.

(c) Classified by power size

1. The power of large tractors is 73.6 kW (100 hp) or more.

2. The power of medium tractors ranges from 14.7 to 73.6 kW (20 to 100 hp).

3, small tractor power is 14.7 kilowatts (20 horsepower) below.