Characteristics Of Different Types Of Tractors

- May 21, 2018-

Different types of tractors have different characteristics. Their characteristics are not only embodied in the structure, but also in their volume, weight, material consumption, manufacturing costs, traction, and the adaptation to the soil and crops. Knowing the different characteristics of different tractors is very important for us to choose and sell tractors.

(1) tractors tractors

As the tracked tractors are supported on the ground by a winding track, the tracked tractors have a large contact with the ground, and the pressure (pressure per unit area) is small. For example, the ground pressure of the East Red 802 type is 44 thousand and 100 Pa (0.45 kg / sq cm), so the tractor is not easy to fall down. Also because there are many crawler sings on the soil, it is easy to catch the soil layer, not easy to slip on wet mud or soft soil, so it has good traction and attachment performance. Compared with other types of tractors with equal power, it can produce larger pull force, so the tracked tractors have different ground and soil. It has good adaptability and can do other kinds of heavy work such as land reclamation, deep turning and farmland construction. Its shortcomings are large and heavy, heavy metal consumption, high price and maintenance, less supporting agricultural equipment, narrow operation range, easy to destroy the road and not suitable for road transportation. Therefore, the comprehensive utilization performance is low.

(two) two wheel drive wheeled tractor

Its characteristics are basically opposite to tractors. It has smaller volume, lighter weight, less metal consumption, lower price and maintenance cost.  With more agricultural equipment and extensive operation range, it can be used for highway transportation, and the time of use is long a year. Therefore, the comprehensive utilization performance is high, and the main production and sales volume of the two wheeled tractor in China are relatively large. Its disadvantage is the high pressure on the ground. In the field, the pressure of the tire is generally 83.3 ~ 137 thousand and 200 kerchief (0.85 ~ 1.4 kg / sq cm), and the hard pavement is usually 147~196 kPa (1.5 to 2 kilograms / square centimeter). It is easy to fall into the car; it is easy to slip on wet mud or soft soil, and the traction and adhesion performance is poor and can not be sent out. Large traction.  Therefore, the working quality of the two wheel driven wheeled tractor is not as good as tractors in the case of large traction force or poor pavement and poor soil conditions (such as opening, deep turning, basic construction of farmland, climbing the road barrier, etc.).

(three) four wheel drive tractor

Its characteristics are between two wheeled wheeled tractors and crawler tractors. It is a type of machine with both advantages. Because it is a four wheel drive, its traction performance is 20% to 50% higher than that of two wheeled wheeled tractors. It is suitable for hanging heavy or wide efficiency farm implements, and is also suitable for farmland capital construction. When working on medium temperature soil, it has little difference in working quality with crawler tractor, but there is a big difference when working on high humidity soil. In structure, it is more complicated and expensive than two wheeled wheeled tractors. But less expensive and cheaper than crawler tractors.

(four) walking tractor

Its characteristics are volume, light weight, simple structure, low price, flexibility and good performance. It is not only a good farming machine for small paddy fields, dry fields and hilly areas, but also suitable for many operations in orchards and gardens. In addition, the walking tractor can be matched with the processing machinery of various agricultural and sideline products, which can be used for fixed operation and short haul transportation. The use time is very long a year, and the comprehensive utilization performance is very high. Therefore, in China's production and use of tractors, the number of walking tractors is the largest. Its disadvantages are low power, low productivity, poor economy and strong labor intensity in paddy fields.

(five) a ship type tractor

At present, the main types of tractor are tractor ploughing and machine rolling. It is a new tractor developed recently in paddy field of southern China. It is mainly used in paddy field and lake field as power, ploughing, raking and rolling machine tools. If the driving wheel is replaced by a rubber wheel, it can be used as a power belt Trailer. The principle of its working principle is to use the weight of the hull to support the whole machine, to push the ship's slip through the role of the generally wedged iron wheel and the soil layer, and to drive the supporting farm implements in the paddy field. In the fields of low-lying land, deep mud, no hard bottom, cattle and tractors that are difficult to operate, because it does not sink, not destroy the soil, and has little resistance to advance, it is more adaptable than the general type of tractor and farm cattle. Its shortcoming is the narrow operation range, less operation items and comprehensive utilization performance. Low. However, because of its simple manufacture and low price, it can play a larger role in farming, raking and rolling operations in paddy fields and lakes with deep muddy feet. So it's a very popular tractor.