What are the anomalies before the tractor's failure

- May 21, 2018-

If a tractor breaks down, it will cause a fatal accident. If the agricultural mechanic can be repaired before the serious malfunction of the tractor, the problem can be eliminated in the bud, which can prevent the continuous expansion of the fault and avoid the greater loss. It is of great practical significance to improve the economic benefits of agricultural machinery households. Xingtai Tong De tractor factory teaches us all the unusual performance before the tractor fails.

Abnormal working condition

There is a sudden change in the working condition of the tractor, which is difficult to start after the engine is suddenly extinguished and even can not be started. The traction force of the engine suddenly decreases and the driving is weak; the sudden brake failure or deviation or even failure during the driving; the steering wheel and the front wheel are even out of control; the swing head is serious; the vibration is violent; brakes are inflexible.  The clutch skidded; the generator did not generate electricity, etc. When the tractor's working condition is abrupt, it is easy to find out. Once the tractor has a sudden change in working condition, it should stop immediately. After the fault is located and the fault is eliminated, the operation can be continued.

Abnormal instrument

The signals on various tractors on the tractor can help the agricultural machinery workers discover the new malfunctions of the tractors in time.  For example, the ammeter, oil pressure meter, water temperature meter and barometer are used to indicate the working conditions of the tractor system. If it indicates the abnormal reading number, the tractor has fault, the position should be selected immediately and the parking inspection is excluded.

Abnormality of sound

Abnormal noise of tractor during driving is the "alarm" of tractor failure. For example, the buzz call of a bee may be a bearing failure, a problem of a certain tire, or a loosening of a fixed bracket at the bottom of a part or engine; the "bang" loud noise, usually due to the breakdown of the exhaust pipe or muffler, causes the engine's explosion and combustion to be eliminated. Click, may drive the shaft of the universal joint damage, may also be the fan blade bending loose, and may be in the mountain road running, because the tires have small stones rapping tires, "tweet" sharp sound, may be caused by belt wear or improper clearance adjustment, lead to the belt and belt friction sound, too. "Whistling" may be caused by the failure of the cylinder seal; the whistling sound may be the loosening or wear of the fan belt or the inadequacy of the tire pressure; the dull "knocking" sound is usually caused by the aging of the diesel engine, the bearing or the damage of the engine valves; "tapping" and mixing with the sound of "detonating", the use of inferior diesel oil; the piercing "tip". Call, usually brake problems or loose belt.

Abnormality of smoke

When tractor is working normally, engine exhaust smoke should be colorless with faint grey. If black smoke, blue smoke and white smoke appear, it means that the diesel engine of the tractor is out of order.

The causes of black smoke in diesel engines are: excessive engine load, excessive injection of fuel injection pump, premature or late injection pump time, air filter blockage, inadequacy of air intake, insufficient compression in cylinder, air leakage, failure of governor and excessive fuel injection, and low atomization of injector or low injection pressure. The quality of fuel is not good; the lubricating oil is insufficient or too thin; cold start and so on.

The causes of blue smoke in the exhaust pipe are: the oil oil level in the engine oil pan is too high; the piston ring is worn or because of the carbon and the ring groove glue dies and breaks, causes the oil to move seriously; the gap between the piston ring and the ring groove is too large; the gap between the piston and the cylinder sleeve is too large or is undesirable; the piston ring produces the counterpart; the piston ring fashion falls down. It causes the oil to run into the cylinder; the clearance between the valve stem and the valve guide is too large; the cooling system is faulty, resulting in too high machine temperature and evaporating the oil.

The cause of the exhaust pipe white smoke is that the fuel quality is not qualified and the water contains too much water; the fuel system is mainly water in the tank; the engine preheating temperature is not enough, the temperature is too low; the compression force in the cylinder is not enough; the injection time is too late; the cylinder pad is burnt out so that the cylinder penetrated into the water; the injection pressure of the injector is too low, fuel oil It failed to atomized properly; the cylinder cushion was damaged or the cylinder liner leaks; the nozzle was not working well, causing the nozzle to drip oil.

Leakage of oil

If there are leakage, leakage, leakage and leakage of the tractor, it is indicated that the sealing performance of some parts of the tractor will be deteriorated. It should be noted that the phenomenon of oil leakage at the initial stage of the tractor needs careful observation to discover. Usually, there are more places where the tractor is leaking oil. The leakage will not only cause the overheating of the tractor diesel engine, the increase of oil consumption and so on, but also pollute the machine and the environment, so once the leakage is found, the leakage should be eliminated.

Temperature anomaly

Usually a tractor engine overheating is a malfunction of the cooling system. If it is not removed in time, it will cause incapability of running and even cause the piston and other parts to burn down. If the transmission and rear axle housing overheat, if not promptly eliminated, it will cause damage to gears and bearings. Therefore, the abnormal temperature of the tractor indicates that the tractor is going to have a serious breakdown and can not be taken lightly.

Abnormality of consumption

The consumption of fuel, oil and cooling water of the tractor has a certain standard range. If the consumption is obviously increased, the tractor technical condition has deteriorated and has produced a failure.


When driving a tractor, if you smell an abnormal smell with your nose, it indicates that the tractor has broken down. If the smell of burning rubber is smelled, it is caused by the burning of the insulation layer of the circuit short circuit conductor.