The treatment of oil leaking in the use of tractors

- May 21, 2018-

How many situations will happen in the use of tractors? Oil leakage is one of the most common ones. How can we deal with the various forms of oil leakage? The switch includes water valve, fuel tank switch and gasoline switch. If the ball valve is worn or corroded, rust should be removed between the ball valve and the seat hole, and the appropriate replacement of the steel ball should be selected. If the sealing packing and the fastening thread are damaged, repair or replace the fasteners and replace the sealing packing. If the cone surface is not tight enough, fine valve sand and oil can be used to grind.

Pipe joints include two categories: conical joint and hollow bolt pipe joint.  The conical joint pipe joint includes the ends of the pressure gauge, one end of the gasoline pipe, the two ends of the high pressure oil pipe and the oil oil filter to the end of the oil transmission pump. If the joint is worn out and the crack is worn, the joint can be sawed off for a good joint welding. If the low pressure tubing joint is damaged, the bell mouth can be sawed off and the bell mouth can be rebuilt. If the thread is damaged, a new piece should be repaired or replaced. The hollow bolt joint includes fuel coarse and fine filter and fuel injection pump low pressure oil pipe joint. If the gasket is damaged or unevenly assembled, it can be replaced with plastic gaskets, or leveled with assorted files, or it can be leveled with sandpaper. If the drawing marks are produced on the assembly plane of the pipe joint, the plane and the gasket can be assembled with fine sand paper or oil stone, and if there are impurities in the matching surface, the body should be cleaned and the joint bolt should be tightened evenly. Joint oil leakage

The plane joints include two planes, such as paper pads, asbestos mats and cork seals. If the contact surface is uneven or there is a groove or burr on the contact surface, the assorted file, fine sand paper or oil stone should be used according to the degree of uneven contact, and the large parts can be milled with machine tools. In addition, the gaskets should be qualified and clean. If bolts are loose, bolts should be tightened. Oil leaking

The rotary shaft includes the clutch handle shaft of the gear lever shaft of the starter and the decompression shaft of the engine. If the shaft and the hole are worn out each other, the gear shaft and the clutch handle shaft of the starter can be cut out of the sealing ring slot on the lathe, as long as the corresponding size seal ring is installed. New Rubber Aprons should be replaced if the pressure relief ring is worn out.