The difference between a bulldozer and a shovel

- May 21, 2018-

Bulldozer is a kind of road machinery installed in front of the tractor to load bulldozers, used for bulldozing, leveling construction sites, etc. For example, in the construction of road construction, bulldozers can finish the treatment of the base of the subgrade. The roadside of the roadside is to add the embankment with the height of not more than 1 meters, and the road center line is transferred to the shovel excavation, the subgrade of the soil is excavated, and the subgrade of the half dike and half cutting is built on the mountain. In addition, bulldozers can also be used for leveling sites, stacking loose materials and removing obstacles in operation areas.

The forklift truck can also carry out mild shovel work. By changing the corresponding working device, it can also carry out operations such as bulldozing, lifting, loading and unloading timber and steel pipes. It is widely used in construction, road construction, farmland and water conservancy projects, sanitation garbage, brick kiln plant, coal plant, sand stone plant, for the shovel and loading of sand, cement, grain, soil, coal and other bulk materials.