The development of agricultural machinery in the tractor factory

- May 21, 2018-

In recent years, the development of tractor agricultural machinery has been one of the most important issues in China. Its development is related to the overall income of our farmers' economy. The rapid development of Agricultural Mechanization in China has played an important role in improving agricultural labor productivity, promoting grain production and enhancing the supply and support capabilities of agricultural products. However, restricted by the factors such as scattered management of land, low level of technology and less investment in scientific research, the current agricultural machinery equipment still has some disadvantages, such as irrational structure, excessive import of agricultural machinery, and weak ability of independent research and development of enterprises, which affect the development of modern agriculture. High end agricultural machinery is heavily dependent on imports. There is a big gap between foreign technology and foreign technology. Decentralized management restricts the development of agricultural mechanization, with more power machinery and less supporting machinery.

Due to the low threshold of industry entry, many agricultural machinery enterprises, especially small farm machinery enterprises, lack research and development ability, mainly rely on the imitation of foreign and domestic well-known agricultural machinery enterprises to produce products. The low level competition in disorder and disorder restricts the overall upgrading of agricultural mechanization level.

Compared with the developed countries in Europe and America, the overall technical level of agricultural machinery products in China has a big gap in automation, intelligence and whole process, especially the high end agricultural machinery products are over dependent on import.