The correct use of the tractor throttle

- May 21, 2018-

Tractors have been widely used in agriculture, so what should we pay attention to for correct use of tractor throttle? One, before starting, do not step on the throttle again and again

Some drivers repeatedly step on the accelerator, so that the carburetor and the acceleration device will start to work, so that more gasoline can be sprayed into the cylinder to meet the need of starting. This will not only be of no use to the start of the tractor, but will also increase the wear and tear of the fuel injection pump control device and the oil regulating mechanism.

Two. When starting the engine, the throttle opening takes a small and moderate degree.

When starting, the fuel should be slightly before the clutch linkage point, and the accelerator pedal should not be trampled to the end, slightly higher than the idle throttle. The clutch should be closely coordinated with the accelerator and agile.

Three. The throttle should be reduced when the clutch is separated

Some machines do not reduce the throttle in time when the clutch is separated, making the engine big throttle open, causing a sudden increase in speed, which will not only waste fuel, but also aggravate the wear of the transmission system.

Four, in operation, the throttle should be increased or reduced according to the road conditions and actual needs.

The gear should be chosen properly so that most of the engine will run at medium speed and larger throttle to save fuel. The gear should be coordinated when the oil is added, the clutch is stepped on the accelerator pedal.