The composition of agricultural tractors

- May 21, 2018-

The tractor is composed of the engine, the transmission system, the walking system, the steering system, the braking system, the electrical system, and the hydraulic suspension system of the tractor.

1 engine

The engine is composed of the body, crank link mechanism, supply system, lubrication system, cooling system, starting system and so on. The heat generated by diesel combustion in the engine cylinder is converted into rotating mechanical energy through the piston and crank connecting rod structure.

All types of tractors are powered by compression ignition diesel internal combustion engines.

2 transmission system

The transmission system is made up of clutch, gearbox, central drive and end drive system.

The drive system passes the engine's power through the gearbox, the central drive, the end drive system and the driving wheel, and then to the driving wheel, and the power output shaft and the output pulley.

3 steering system

The steering system is mainly composed of three parts: steering wheel, steering gear and transmission rod.

Their function is to deflect the two front wheels of the tractor, and make the deflection angle meet the prescribed requirements, so as to realize the steering of the tractor.

4 brake system

The brake system consists of two parts, the brake and the control mechanism. The brake is mounted on the final drive half shaft, one left and right.

The function of the braking system is to slow down the tractor at high speed and stop quickly.

5 walking system

The walking system consists of three parts: the front axle, the guide wheel and the driving wheel.

The function of the walking system is to support the weight of the whole tractor, and the engine power transmitted through the transmission system will change into the driving force of the tractor working with the interaction of the driving wheel and the ground, and turn the rotation of the driving wheel into the movement of the tractor on the ground.

6 electrical system

Electrical system is an important part of tractor. Its performance directly affects the economy, reliability and safety of tractors.

It is composed of power supply, starting device, charging device, lighting signal circuit, instrument and auxiliary equipment.

7 hydraulic suspension system

The hydraulic suspension system consists of a hydraulic part, a suspension part and a control part. The hydraulic part includes oil pump, distributor and oil cylinder. The suspension part includes the upper pull rod, the diagonal pull rod and the lower pull rod. The tractor usually uses the form of three point suspension to manipulate agricultural machinery. The concrete form is the hinge connection between the front end of the pull rod and the lower pull rod and the tractor, and the rear end is articulated with the farm tools. The farm implements can get the tractive force of the tractor through the pull rod, and control the lifting of the hydraulic part through the manipulating mechanism, so that the tractor hangs the farm implements in the field or the short distance transportation.