Performance of tractors

- May 21, 2018-

The performance of tractors in use is called the performance of tractors. It is an important basis for evaluating tractors. When we run the tractor, we will meet the performance of the tractor in all kinds of work, such as the first purchase, the organization of the accessories, the inspection of the goods, the publicity and promotion, the sale, the "three package" and so on.

(1) the reliability of a tractor

The reliability of tractors is the reliability of tractors working in prescribed conditions and time. According to the life of tractor parts, reliability is an important index for evaluating tractors, because the lower the reliability, the shorter the use time, the lower the value of creation, the increase of the supply of accessories, the influence of the production, the unwelcome of the users, and the influence of our business.

Because of different working conditions and manufacturing level of different parts of tractor, their life standards are different. The service life of the general agricultural tractor components before the first overhaul should be: 5000 hours engine, 6000 hour transmission system, 3500~5000 hour walking system and 750 hours without fault. The main parts also have corresponding regulations. When we organize the supply of tractor parts, we should know the situation of the factories and users, master these performance indicators, and grope for regularity. In order to guarantee the quality of the products, all kinds of tractors (including the whole machine and the main parts) have clearly stipulated the period of protection. In the "three package" rules issued by the original agriculture department, the period of the maintenance of the tractor must not be less than one year, but the use of the accumulative total of no more than 1500 hours is the minimum requirement for the former agricultural machinery department.

(two) the economy of tractors

The economics of tractors refer to the cost of tractors when they are in use. The economy of the tractor mainly refers to the economy of fuel consumption, and the skidding rate, rolling resistance, lubricating oil consumption, the maintenance and depreciation of the tractor, etc. also affect the economy of the tractor. The economy of the fuel consumption of a tractor is evaluated by the amount of oil per kilowatt hour, that is, compared to the amount of oil consumed, and the amount of oil per mu can be measured for the cultivated land.

The economy of the tractor is very important for the users and the distributors of the agricultural machinery companies. It can be seen in the market that all the tractors with good economy are popular and the general sales are large.

(three) traction and attachment performance of tractors

Tractive performance of tractors is the ability of tractors to exert traction.  The traction power is great, and the traction performance is strong. The adhesion performance of tractors is the ability to attach their ground to the ground. Good adhesion and good traction performance, so they are often mentioned in the same breath. The adhesion performance of the tractor is better than that of the tractor. The four wheel drive is better than the two wheel drive tractor, and the high pattern tire has better adhesion than the low pattern tire.

Strong adhesion performance, tractors used in traction power can be fully played, so the same power of the tractor, adhesion performance strong, its traction power is big. Because the tractor is mainly used in the traction operation, it is not only to see the power of the internal combustion engine on the tractor, but also to compare the tractor's traction power and the size of traction when evaluating the tractor's strength.

(four) the performance of the tractor

It includes two aspects: the performance of passing through the ground and the passing performance between the lines. The performance of the ground refers to the performance of various ground passes. If the tractor can run smoothly in wet mud, low water, ice and snow slippery road, wet, soft or sandy soil in the rainy season, it is easy to pass in the narrow bend and climb the ridge of the ditch easily, which shows that the performance of the tractor is good. Intercourse performance refers to the performance of tractors passing between crops (or under fruit trees). If the tractor works between lines or fruit trees, less damage to branches, leaves and fruits, and less pressure loss of root seedlings is good performance.

Generally speaking, the tractor is small in shape, light in weight, small in ground pressure on the ground and large in the ground clearance (ground clearance) at the lowest point of the tractor. Its performance is good. The ground pressure is mainly related to the type of machine weight and the type of the walking device. The weight is light, the ground area of the walking device is large (such as Caterpillar), and the ground pressure is connected. The force is small. The intermediate tractor (such as Changchun - 400 tractor) has a large clearance from the ground, which ensures that it is not easy to damage the branches and leaves of the cultivated crops.

(five) the maneuverability of a tractor

It includes two aspects of straightness and maneuverability of tractors.  When the tractor runs straight forward or backward

It does not automatically deviate from the straight line direction, and it has enough automatic return ability after deviating from external influence. This is called straight walking. Generally speaking, the deviation of a tractor means that the tractor is running in a straight line. Tractor handling performance refers to the reliable performance of tractors running and braking according to the required routes. The tractor has the advantages of light weight, flexibility, small turning radius, smooth braking, reliable start and reliable gear handling.