Bulldozer troubleshooting

- May 21, 2018-

1. Skidding of the main clutch

When the main clutch of the bulldozer slips, the engine speed is normal and no black smoke is emitted. The working device works normally, but the machine is climbing hard and even unable to walk. Main clutch slipping is the most common fault of bulldozer. The main reasons are: the wear of the main and the driven plates, the lock pin of the adjusting disc, the main clutch's joystick, and the bad occlusal of the thread of the adjusting disc and the end of the flywheel. Clutch skidding is sometimes very difficult to handle. The general repairman's handling method is to rotate the adjusting disc repeatedly. If the clutch is still skidding after multiple adjustment and adjustment, the transmission is often removed first and the main clutch is dismantled blindly. This will not only fail to find fault points but also easily damage other parts and delay production. The result will result in large economic loss. For this reason, we should make careful analysis based on the above possible reasons for effective investigation. For example: I have a the Yellow River TY220 type bulldozer, the main clutch sometimes skid in the work, the initial adjustment of its adjustment disk machine can be forced to work, but no long lock pin thread release, so that the main clutch will only dismantle the two threads of the lock pin all new, and check all the parts (zero) The parts were not damaged, and the main and driven parts were basically not worn out. The machine returned to normal. But after a month, the main clutch slipped again. Finally, it was necessary to adjust the clutch once every 2H, so that the construction could not be carried out. At that time, it was decided to replace the full clutch, but it not only waste money, but also because of the busy production time is not allowed, after many times adjustment, bulldozer just push a few shovels or dozens of shovel after the clutch began to slip, the final decision is the adjustment disc and the flying wheel cover end of the screw test bite.  Therefore, after adjusting the main clutch, locking pin is locked by locknut.  After being treated by this method, the machine has not adjusted the main clutch for half a year, indicating that the fault spot has been found correctly.

2, the main clutch operating lever is heavy

The main reasons are: oil filter blockage, oil supply is insufficient, the booster does not work; the main clutch hydraulic system oil shortage; the booster damage or the booster safety valve problems; the double metal sleeve in the mobile sleeve burning loss. When the clutch lever is heavy, check the oil position of the hydraulic system to meet the requirements. If the oil level is suitable, the filter can be removed and the main clutch lever is pulled. If the lever is changed, the filter is blocked. At this time, the filter is only cleaned or replaced. If the oil road is normal, but the main clutch joystick is heavy, it can be checked first and the force valve safety valve is stuck or discharged. If the booster safety valve has no problem, it must check the booster; or check whether the double metal sleeve inside the moving sleeve is burned, it is necessary to change the new.

3. Gear shift when shifting, it is difficult to rodent

The main reasons are: the adjusting disc is too tight; the brake of the hand brake is not effective. When the adjusting disc is too tight, the main clutch is difficult to separate, so the power can not be cut off, causing the gear to make abnormal noises during gear shifting. At this time, the adjustment plate should be adjusted counter clockwise to the appropriate position, that is, when the main clutch is adjusted, the crisp call can be heard clearly when the handle of the main clutch is pulled over the dead point. If the brake effect of hand brake is bad, it will cause the main clutch to be separated, but the main clutch axis is still rotating because of the inertia (according to the requirement, when the main clutch is separated, the main clutch shaft should be stopped in 3S), so the gear is difficult to rodent and send out the abnormal sound when shifting. At this point, a small brake belt must be adjusted or replaced.

4, the main clutch is not engaged

The main reasons are: the short pin shedding on the board; the heavy hammer of the moving sleeve; not the upper cover of the main clutch in the repair process, check whether the short pin shaft of the moving sleeve is falling off and whether the heavy hammer of the moving sleeve is loaded or not (if the heavy hammer is installed back, the moving sleeve can not enter the adjustment plate), the moving sleeve can be removed and the short pin can be re riveted when necessary. Shaft, and install the adjustment plate. If the main clutch shaft is not installed properly, the lever shaft should be adjusted according to the regulations.